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Domainz (.nz) Terms of Service


To describe the registration services provided by Domainz, set within the policy framework defined by the New Zealand domain name structure

Name registration is a process and registration services fees apply. All related documents should be read in conjunction with this service definition document.


The New Zealand Internet Registry Ltd trades under the name of Domainz. It is a customer service focused company and responsible for the implementation of ISOCNZ policies in the day-to-day management of the .nz Register.

Those rules are set in order to enable a listed name to be located on the Internet as well as to deal with the local New Zealand environment. The rules are developed by and published by ISOCNZ.

Domainz services are fee based for listing third level domain names in the .nz Register. Fees apply to all services provided, and the fee structure document should be read in conjunction with this, and all other published policies.

The process for listing a name is straight forward, but may seem complex at first sight. Prospective Name Holders are encouraged to use .nz Providers/Agents to assist in the task.

Domainz plays a key role in translating policy into name registration services for the benefit of Name Holders and their associated agents.

A "customer friendly" web interface is provided for Internet users. A separate e-mail channel is provided to cater for the needs of .nz Providers. All channels cater for:

Name registration services

All registration services are delivered using the processes established by Domainz. Service requests will be accepted by authorised .nz Providers or directly through the web-based interface.

Where authorised Registars use the e-mail template, they are advised to be aware of its expiry date. The template is updated regularly and .nz Providers should ensure that the latest template is used. Changes to the template are reported on the Domainz news pages.

Applicants are encouraged to use the services of an .nz Provider/Agent to assist in name registration. Where a .nz Provider submits an application then it should disclose that it is acting as an agent and provide details of the Name Holder (the principal). Both agents and principals should be aware that they have responsibilities to each other in their agency relationship. If the agent does not ensure that the applicant accepts its obligations, then the agent itself may be liable.

Before applying, prospective Name Holders and their .nz Providers are advised that registration involves the collection of personal information to provide public name listing services. Information collected will be published on the Domainz web site, and accessible by all users of the Internet.

Upon application for all registration services, Name Holders agree to be bound by all published policies. Where the name holder makes use of .nz Provider, the agent agrees that:

  • the .nz Provider has made its client aware of all published policies
  • the client agrees to be bound by those policies

The following is a summary of key points for information only. The published policies, as updated from time to time, are the definitive documents and should be read and understood by all users of Domainz name registration services:

  • New Zealand law applies to all Domainz services
  • Name Holders agree to meet all fees and charges and to be bound by all published policies
  • .nz Providers agree to ensure that their client agrees to be bound by those policies
  • Name Holders must be identifiable individuals over 18 years of age or properly constituted organisations
  • registration is a listing service, carried out on a "first come, first served" basis
  • conflict between an applicant and an existing Name Holder is for those parties to resolve
  • applicants inform Domainz of their rights to use a name - be careful about misrepresentation
  • Name Holders must indemnify Domainz for any disputes overs the holder's name
  • a listing is akin to a "licence" to connect, not a property right; delegation confers no other rights
  • neither ISOCNZ nor Domainz trades (or licenses anyone to trade) in names
  • the Name Holder is responsible for the safe keeping of its Name Holder ID and password
  • the Name Holder is responsible for keeping information up to date and responding to communications
  • only "full" (NS) domain name registration is permitted
  • names must have two configured name servers
  • all names must conform to the relevant RFC's
  • names may be refused if considered offensive.

Finally, prospective Name Holders and their .nz Provider should make sure that they do have a need for a name, and that an appropriate name has been selected (particularly choice of second level domain) prior to applying to register a new name.

Name holders may opt to purchase secondary name service from Domainz.  Details of fees for this optional service are found in the Fee Structure document

Registering a new name

Applications requests will be accepted using either the web-based interface, or through use of an e-mail template. The template is suitable for use by .nz Providers, or experienced DNS administrators.

Given the technical nature of an initial listing, prospective Name Holders are encouraged to seek the services of an .nz Provider/Agent. Applicants must ensure that two name servers are configured and operational - prior -to submission of their application. Failure to do this will lead to rejection by the Domainz automated processes.

Applicants should also ensure a valid e-mail address for the applicant - and Name Holder. This address is used to return the Name Holder ID and password.

The Name Holder is responsible for ensuring that the information held on Domainz records is accurate. Once a name has been set up, the Name Holder should check the accuracy of the information listed and submit changes to the listed information where required.

Name Holders should also ensure that fees are promptly settled. Failure to do so will almost certainly lead to automatic cancellation. Where contact information is inaccurate or where the name holder does not provide a timely response, cancellation could occur without warning.

Receiving the Name Holder ID and password

A "password" is issued to the Name Holder when registering a new name. This password is a vital part of the Domainz authentication process when processing requests for change to listed domains.

This password is like a bank pin number, and Name Holders are advised to manage their password in a secure manner. Neither ISOCNZ nor Domainz accept any responsibility for the misuse of this password.

All new Name Holders should ensure that they receive this password on initial name registration. Where the name has been registered on your behalf by a .nz Provider/Agent, the password will have been supplied to that .nz Provider.

Changing listed information

Almost all information (not the Name Holder) associated with a listing can be changed on receipt of instructions, authorised by the Name Holder. The Name Holder's ID and password is used by Domainz to authenticate the change request.

All new Name Holders should ensure that they receive this password on initial registration.   Where the name has been registered on their behalf by a .nz Provider/Agent, the password would have been supplied to that .nz Provider.  Name Holders should go directly to their agent to get their Name Holder ID and password.

Domainz provides Name Holders a customer friendly web interface to allow them to easily change their information using their Name Holder ID and password. This route enables all Name Holders to submit simple changes for contact details, such as changes to name, address and phone number.

Changing ISP's is more complex, and involves technical re-arrangements with "name service". Usually Name Holders seek the help of .nz Providers to achieve this in order to ensure there is no interruption to domain service during this process.

Name Holders should ensure that the information held on their domain listing is correct, particularly billing contact information and e-mail addresses, once any change is complete.

There is however one aspect of your domain listing that cannot be changed in the normal way. The domain name and its Name Holder have a unique relationship, which is not possible to break when you submit changes to your listed information.

The Name Holder is defined in the "Name Holder" field on the domain name listing. When you do want to break this "name & name holder" relationship, then you need to change the Name Holder.

This is a more formal process, similar to establishing a new registration.

Changing the Name Holder

Domainz will accept a request for change to the name holder of a listed name only when signed original written instructions are provided.

Domainz provides a standard form for name holders to provide instructions that must:

  • be duly authorised by the current Name Holder. Authorisation must include the Name Holder's ID and password
  • identify the new Name Holder, with details of address and all other particulars necessary to list the name and delegate it to the new Name Holder
  • be formally acknowledged by the new Name Holder, who must agree to the conditions and policies under which domain names are delegated
  • release ISOCNZ and Domainz from any further obligation to the first Holder after the re-delegation has been completed

Domainz may require evidence of the authority of any representative of a domain Name Holder.

Cancelling a listed name

A web interface is provided to allow Name Holders to access their account and cancel their listing using their Name Holder ID and password.

Cancellation will result in a loss of Internet service to the domain name. Detailed information on the Impact of cancellation is documented separately.

Use of .nz Providers/Agents in the process

Applicants may use various agencies to assist in the name registration process. Typically a service provider (e.g. ISP, web consultant, domain name service provider) is used to provide name service on initial registration.

Applicants should be aware that when an agent is used, an agency relationship is formed. That relationship may be subject to New Zealand law and the laws of contract and agency, and the agent may be subject to its own industry code of practice.

Notwithstanding these aspects, agents should acknowledge their responsibilities in acting for the client and agree to be bound by all published policies.

The prospective Name Holder should understand that acting as agent has a number of responsibilities which include, but are not limited to:

Confirming that the prospective name holding client understands:
  • what a domain name is, what it does and whether they need one
  • what services the client is purchasing when listing a new domain name
  • ISOCNZ's policy role in .nz domain space and client agreement to the policies
  • the Domainz role to manage the .nz Register in line with published policies
  • the .nz Provider's role in handling domain name requests, the services offered and all costs
  • the requirement for the Name Holder to be an identifiable person over 18 or organisation
  • the client's need to supply documented authority to the .nz Provider as instructions to act
  • the client's responsibility to separately settle .nz Provider and Domainz fees
  • the client's need to provide personal information to Domainz
  • the client's responsibilities and liabilities where the client's right to register or use the name is disputed
  • the name holder's responsibility to comply with all Terms of Service
Executing the client requirement:
  • securing documented authority to act for the client
  • confirming the client's authority to instruct for each individual domain name
  • acting in good faith when executing client instructions for any given domain name
  • ensuring that the "Name Holder" field accurately records the "full legal name of the organisation or person"
  • ensuring the client's Name Holder ID and password is returned for safe-keeping following a request
  • ensuring the client checks accuracy of the domain details following any request
  • taking responsibility for the request from submission to completion

Delegation of name service

Listing a new domain is a three stage process involving collection of registration details, payment of fees and "delegation" of the name on the Internet.

Registration is an information collection exercise - accuracy is important.

It involves gathering descriptive information to allow the domain Name Holder to be contacted in the real world. It also involves gathering technical information to allow the domain name to be contacted in the Internet world.

Payment of fees is detailed in the Domainz fee structure document.

Delegation is a technical process - .nz Providers are usually involved.

There are a number of Internet standards associated with delegation that must be followed. One rule is that a listed domain name must always have two working name servers RFC 1034.

Applicants usually select an agent (ISP, specialist domain name service provider, web designer, independent consultant etc.) to establish their name service. This area can be quite complex and hence use of a .nz Provider is encouraged.

Prospective domain Name Holders are responsible for ensuring that at least two name servers are configured and operable prior to submitting their application. Registration will not proceed until this pre-condition is met. Applications will be automatically rejected.

Listed Name Holders are also responsible for ensuring that at least two name servers remain configured and operable for the listed domain name to remain active. Listed domains that are found to have less than two operable name servers will be automatically de-activated.

Adoption of this approach in the .nz Register is in keeping with other Internet name registries in North America, Europe and Australia.

In Internet terms, these domains are termed "lame delegations" and not permitted. Names deactivated due to a lame delegation will be treated as cancelled, and the name will lapse after 60 days.

For further technical information, the following publications may provide useful advice:

  • DNS and Bind, Paul Albitz & Cricket Liu, O'Reilly & = Associates, ISBN 1-56592-010-4
  • TCP/IP Network Administration, Craig Hunt, O'Reilly & = Associates, ISBN 0-937175-82-X

Domainz does not provide technical name server configuration advice, nor configure customers' name servers. Prospective Name Holders should seek advice from their .nz Provider.

Use of information collected

The management of the DNS involves the collection of personal information to provide public name listing services. This is in line with other Internet domain name registration services world-wide.

Information is collected in one of two ways:

  • by .nz Provider/Agents acting on behalf of a name holder, or
  • directly from the name holder through the Domainz web site

All information collected will be considered as information within the public domain. It may be published on the Domainz web site, and will be accessible to all users of the Internet.

All information collected will be held in the Domainz registration database, the content, form and interfaces of which are copyright and property of Domainz.

Name holders are provided with an ID and password which provides access to their data. They are responsible for keeping their information up to date.

Domainz does not accept receipt of any information under any imposed conditions of confidentiality or non-disclosure, whether express or implied, by the name holder or their agent.

Domainz does not (except with specific written consent which may include conditions), authorise any party to copy, adapt, translate or use its databases for commercial purposes.

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