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General Issues

Many of your questions about RegisterDIRECT and associated services can be found here. If you are unable to find the answers to your questions then please contact us using our Web form.

Do I need a domain name?
  Mostly people get a domain name because they want to establish a presence on the Internet. This is often a 'branding' issue in business -- most Name Holders want to use the company name as part of their e-mail or web site address, rather than the name of their ISP.

A domain name gives you a 'portable' identity on the Internet; it means if you change your ISP you keep the same e-mail address identifier so you don't have to change the company stationery or call your friends to let them know your new address or redirect e-mail for example.

For businesses, there are many benefits to having a presence on the Internet. As a means of reaching people with common interests or to promote your product or service, the Internet is probably unequalled as a marketing tool.

For interest groups, it presents an opportunity to swap and share information, make new contacts and exchange ideas.

The power of holding a domain name is only harnessed when used in conjunction with other Internet services, such as e-mail or a website. If you have no need to link your name to an Internet application, then you may have no real need for registering a domain name.

Who is the Name Holder or Registrant?
  The Registrant is more commonly termed as the Name Holder. The Name Holder or Registrant should be an identifiable individual (over 18) or a properly constituted organisation listed in the Legal Name Holder field on application for the domain name.

It is really important on initial registration that care be taken to ensure that information for the domain name, the Name Holder and the Name Holder’s representative contact name is recorded accurately in order for us to deal with the appropriate entity in the future.

How do I request the UDAI for my domain name?

The UDAI can be generated from the RegisterDirect Client Interface. Login to our web site using your RegisterDirect 8 Digit ID and Password. Once logged in, select the domain name to manage and then click the 'Generate new UDAI' link.

I just registered / transferred my domain name, how long does it take before it's live?

Once you receive a confirmation that your domain name has been registered or transferred, if it is a .nz domain name your domain name will become active at the next .nz zone build. These occur every hour, on the hour.

If it's a .com these can take upto 48 hours before they are active.
You can check the visibility of your domain using the 'Zone Management' facility.

If I want to use my domain name as my new email address do I have to pay anything
. over and above the $59.95 year fee?
  Absolutely not! RegisterDIRECT provides free POP3 email accounts, IMAP and email Forwarding accounts! You can enable them immediately by logging into your account from the 'Client Login' page.
Can I change my assigned Account ID / Login?
  No. You cannot chang eyour Account ID.
Can I change my Account Holder Password?
  Yes. You do this by logging into the client administration interface with your account ID and Password. Once logged in the first page will allow you to change your account password.
If I register my domain name with RegisterDIRECT, do I need to host my web site with you?
  We'd like you to, but you don't have to. You can use either URL redirection or set-up a Zone record for your web site allowing you to utilise RegsiterDIRECT mail features while hosting your web site at an alternative provider.
How do I renew my domain name?
  You can renew your domain name anytime within 90 days of your expiry date. To renew you domain name visit our renewal page here:
Do I have to pay another registration/renewal fee to transfer my domain name to RegisterDIRECT?
  No! - We don not charge any transfer fees. We simply bill your next renewal fee on the anniversary month that your domain name was originally registered with your previous provider.
Can I transfer my domain name and keep my current provider or name servers?
  Yes. - When you transfer your domain using the 'Transfer Domain' form, ensure you select the option to transfer .nz provider only. This will transfer your domain name to RegisterDIRECT and keep your current DNS hosting provider active. - Check with your ISP first, to make sure they will continue to offer hosting services whilst not being the .nz provider for your domain.
Are all these FREE services free forever?
  Yes. As long as RegisterDIRECT remains your .nz Registrar and you pay your yearly renewal fees you can utilise the FREE services for as long as you like.
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